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Older Adults

Strength and Balance Exercise for Older Adults

Full mobile service on the North Shore in Sydney

We will come to you at Home or your

Retirement Village.

Our older adults balance, strength and gentle exercise programs use dumbbells

and body weight exercises. Suitable for all adults aged over 50.

Theo is a friendly, mature and highly experienced personal trainer, he currently trains over 90 older adults per week and he will come to you so you can exercise at home or your retirement village on a day and time that suits you.

For more information please call Theo on 0411 122 334.

            Reasons to take up Strength and Balance Exercises

You can exercise individually, with a friend or in a group.
May Increase or maintain bone density.
Increases your muscle strength.
Reverses the muscle wasting effect of aging and illness.
Enables body shaping.
Improves your stamina.
Improves your balance and may prevent falls.
Improves your ability to perform daily tasks such as lifting and carrying.
Helps keep your weight in the healthy range.
May relieve depression and anxiety.
May reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
May Increase self confidence and enhance wellbeing

Exercise Programs for Older Adults

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